Test instances for order picking problems

The test instances found here were the ones used in the following works:

Cristiano Arbex Valle, John E Beasley and Alexandre Salles da Cunha

Modelling and solving the joint order batching and picker routing problem in inventories, presented in the ISCO 2016 conference

Optimally solving the joint order batching and picker routing problem, recently submitted to an OR journal.

Images for illustration:

Test instances files:

For a detailed description of the files, please read this file.

The original Foodmart database can be found here.

The warehouse generator can be downloaded here. It was developed in PERL and can be used to generate warehouse layouts
with different number of aisles, cross-aisles and able to hold any number of products. It is based on a previous version
developed during the following work:

Theys, C., Bräysy, O., Dullaert, W., Raa, B. Using a TSP heuristic for routing order pickers in warehouses.
European Journal of Operational Research 200(3), 755--763 (2010)