Using our Repository

We have a git repository in To use it, send a public key to Fernando or Henrique.

How to Generate a Public Key

$> ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 2048

Enter a file name and a passphrase (see more about file names at the end of this page). Two files will be generated: file_name and Move the files to your ~/.ssh folder, and send us the file Also, edit a config file in your ~/.ssh folder. If you do not have a config file there, just create it. It should contain at least the following lines:

User oldgit
IdentityFile /home/users/file_name/.ssh/key

Choosing good file names for the key. We leave all the keys in the same folder, so, choose a name for your key that is likely not to collide with other names that we have there. Tip: imagine which user name you would have in our machine, and use that name for your key.

How to Use Git

Using git is fairly easy. Git has a lot of commands, but I guess you will only need these commands below:

$> git clone
$> vim file_that_I_will_change.txt
$> git add file_that_I_will_change.txt
$> git commit
$> git push