Flávio Coutinho

Projeto Secret Agent 000

Agente Secreto 000

"Agent 000, you were selected to gather information on international arms smugglers. For this, you must infiltrate the organized crime and investigate the matter. If you are found, get rid of enemies by shooting in the quadrant where they appear, in accordance with keys 1-9.

For example, if you hit an enemy in the center of the screen, press 5. If you want to hit an enemy in the upper right corner, press 3.

Some enemies use kevlar and are more difficult to overturn. Be careful not to hit any innocent! You can blow some flammable objects in your favor."

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10.07.11 - Game accessibility


These slides were presented by me at PUC Minas XI SEJA on October 07, 2011. I presented about how different game experience can be under different accessibility circumstances and what can be done if one wishes to contribute to this great topic. Worth reading ;)

Download at Slideshare