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In this project we are running some experiments to probe the complexity of the LLVM optimizations.

We used two sets of applications in this experiment. The first is a set of random C programs and the second is a set of the Test-suite's benchmarks and applications (Multi-Source).

To generate random C programs, we used the Csmith tool.

The passes were divided intro three sets: Analysis, Transform and Utility.
You may see the description of these passes on the page : http://llvm.org/docs/Passes.html.
To see the otimizations organized into optimization levels, such as -O1, click here.

Test-suite's benchmarks
Random C programs
Side by side

In this experiments we have used the LLVM 3.6, and to measure the runtime we collected the CPU time using the pass -time-passes.
Also, to avoid collecting wrong data we used -disable-output and disable-verify. Thus the -time-passes only shows the runtime that we want to collect.

Analysis Passes:

(aa-eval, basicaa, basiccg, block-freq, branch-prob, count-aa, da, debug-aa, domfrontier, domtree, dot-callgraph, dot-cfg, dot-cfg-only, dot-dom, dot-dom-only, dot-postdom, dot-postdom-only, dot-regions, dot-regions-only, globalsmodref-aa, inline-cost, instcount, intervals, iv-users, lazy-value-info, libcall-aa, lint, loops, memdep, module-debuginfo, no-aa, postdomtree, print-alias-sets, print-callgraph, print-callgraph-sccs, print-cfg-sccs, print-dom-info, print-externalfnconstants, print-function, print-module, print-used-types, print-bb, print-memdeps, regions, scalar-evolution, scev-aa, tbaa)

Transform Passes:

(adce, add-discriminators, alloca-hoisting, always-inline, argpromotion, atomic-ll-sc, bb-vectorize, bounds-checking, break-crit-edges, codegenprepare, consthoist, constmerge, constprop, correlated-propagation, cost-model, datalayout, dce, deadargelim, debug-ir, delinearize, dfsan, die, domfrontier, dse, early-cse, functionattrs, generic-to-nvvm, globaldce, globalopt, gvn, indvars, inline, insert-gcov-profiling, instcombine, instsimplify, internalize, ipconstprop, ipsccp, jump-instr-table-info, jump-threading, lcssa, licm, load-combine, loop-deletion, loop-extract, loop-extract-single, loop-idiom, loop-instsimplify, loop-reduce, loop-reroll, loop-rotate, loop-simplify, loop-unroll, loop-unswitch, loop-vectorize, loweratomic, lower-expect, lowerinvoke, lowerswitch, mem2reg, memcpyopt, mergefunc, mergereturn, metarenamer, mldst-motion, msan, nvptx-assign-valid-global-names, nvptx-favor-non-generic, nvvm-reflect, objc-arc, objc-arc-aa, objc-arc-apelim, objc-arc-contract, objc-arc-expand, partial-inliner, partially-inline-libcalls, prune-eh, reassociate, reg2mem, sample-profile, scalarizer, scalarrepl, scalarrepl-ssa, sccp, separate-const-offset-from-gep, simplifycfg, sink, slp-vectorizer, sroa, strip, strip-dead-debug-info, strip-dead-prototypes, strip-debug-declare, strip-nondebug, structurizecfg, tailcallelim , tsan)

Utility Passes:

(deadarghaX0r, extract-blocks, instnamer, notti, targetlibinfo, verify, view-cfg, view-dom, view-postdom, view-callgraph, view-regions)