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Here I will post the best games developed and presented by the students on each semester. To check the amazing games they developed, just download the zip files and double click on the .exe file.

Angry bird project description
The games can be simple as the one depicted above.

01/2013 - AEDS1 - Classes W and E: Angry birds

Alexandre Torres Pimenta - Angry Balls (1st place)

Carlos Alberto Xavier Gonçalves - Angry Pokemons

Davi Simões Doro Pereira - Angry Cannon

João Marcos Carneiro Maciel - Cannon Destroyer

John Robert Eloi de Melo Marques - Angry Pokeballs

Priscila Martins de Souza - Angry Bomberman

02/2013 - AEDS1 - Classes TF and TM2: Frogger

Leonardo de Deus Lucio (1st place) - code and binary

Eric Oliveira Braga 

Guilherme Pereira Maciel - code and binary

Lucas Tadeu Pires Ribeiro - code and binary

Paula Gabrielle de Souza Jácome - code and binary

Thiago Santos Pollarini - code and binary

01/2014 - AEDS1 - Classes TE and TW: Pong

Gabriel Henrique Souto Pires (1st place) - Pong da Violência - code and binary  
(if you want another reason to download this game,  check this video)

Charles Balmant Jamil - code and binary

Christian Drumond Marques - code and binary

Felipe Pedrosa Goncalves - code and binary

Luis Gustavo Resende Moreira - code and binary

Mariana Ferreira Marques - code and binary

02/2014 - AEDS1 - Class TW: Shooter

Lucas Abraão Mateus de Castro (1st place) - code and binary

Felipe Monfardini Giori França - code and binary

Fernanda Duarte - code and binary

01/2015 - AEDS1 - Class TF: Endless Runner

Diego Azevedo Ramires (1st place) - code and binary

Rafael Bucker Rapalo - code and binary

Felipe Ramos de Morais - code and binary

02/2015 - AEDS1 - Class TW: Zelda

Amanda Souza - code and binary

Douglas Rodrigues de Almeida - code and binary

Esthefanie Pessoa Lanza - code and binary

Luísa Ribeiro Bezerra - code and binary

* all games received the first prize in this semester.