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    My research interest is focused on the interactions between social systems and large-scale distributed systems. The increasing use of computer systems in the world around raises several problems related to quality of service, that includes performance, reliability, availability, security, and cost. These problems may be caused by several reasons, such as: i) inadequate resource provisioning, ii) poorly designed systems, iii) malicious attacks, and iv) unexpected system overload. Failures resulting from these problems can range from almost unnoticeable to very serious situations.

    I am interested in understanding the behavior of currently deployed Internet and Web systems for understanding how future systems should be designed. By analyzing the statistical behavioral patterns of data collected from actual systems, our group aim at understanding infrastructure issues such as scalability, performance and vulnerabilities. Our research work evolves along three axes: workload characterization, system modeling, and system design. The techniques we use to model computer systems are queuing network models, statistical methods and complex systems models. Thus, my interests can be summarized as:

    - Workload characterization
    - User behavior modeling; e.g., live streaming media, blogosphere, and email services
    - Malicious behavior characterization and modeling: e.g., spam, virus and attacks
    - Characterization of Avatar Behavior in Virtual Worlds; e.g., Second Life and World of Warcraft;
    - Locality and caching in large distributed systems
    - Performance modeling
    - Capacity planning
    - Economic issues in experimental computer science
    - Resource Management in Large Scale Computing Systems; e.g., Peer-to-Peer, data centers
    - Algorithmic applications of complex networks


    - Fabricio Benevenuto: Ph.D Student
    - Tiago Rodrigues
    - Cesar Fernandes
    - Matheus Caldas
    - Leandro Pfleger de Aguiar
    - Felipe Machado

    Research Collaboration

    - HP Research:
    1 - Modeling Techniques for Capacity Planning Tools
    2 - Capacity Management and System Sizing for Operational Business Intelligence Workloads

Contact Info: Virgílio Augusto Fernandes de Almeida - DCC - ICEx - UFMG - +55-31-3409-5860 Fax: +55-31-3409-5858 Av. Antônio Carlos, 6627 - Pampulha 31270-010 - Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil