A monadic combinator parser generator

Mímico is a parser generator that outputs code based on the use of monadic combinators. Some characteristics:

  • Mímico's input is an easy to read/write (textbook-like) context-free grammar, plus semantic rules.
  • Semantic rules are Haskell expressions that specify the result of parsing the right-hand side of context-free rules.
  • Mímico's output is a readable Haskell program.
  • Monadic Haskell expressions can be used in semantic rules to control parsing. This means that not only can context-sensitive grammars be parsed, but we can write these grammars using a context-free like format.
  • Despite the generation of recursive descent parsers, Mímico's input grammars can be left-recursive.

    Comments, suggestions etc., please contact:

        Carlos Camarão   or   Lucília Figueiredo

    Septembre 20, 2005