Thoughts Incorporated is hosting a writing contest for December 2012. The topic is “what December means to me”. Writings of any genre or format can be submitted by any member of site. The site is free to join and all level writers are invited to part. Amazon Giftcards will be rewarded to the winners chosen by an announced staff member.<br /><br />The contest was suggested by the sites moderators with the idea to share and experience the many different views of December. When discussing the contest, one of the sites moderators said: “Most of us consider it a holiday season. I wonder what other people see it as. I'm sure there are perspectives that we never thought of”.<br /><br />December 2012 Writing Contest <br />Dece<br />Topic- What December means to me <br />Format- any genre, first person <br />Submissions: 12/1/12 – 12/15/12 @ 11:59pm est.<br /><br />The Prizes <br />1st= $100 giftcard <br />2nd= $40 giftcard <br />3rd= $20 Amazon giftcard<br /><br />The official rules and guidelines can be found at<br /><br />Founded in 2011, Thoughts Incorporated is a relatively new creative writing website. It houses all styles of writing in an open environment and is dedicated to helping writers share their poetry and stories. Writing contests and challenges are hosted monthly in the writing forum

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