The job of a <strong>physical therapy assistant</strong> is to assist a senior physical therapist during the course of a physical therapy treatment to patients. Physical therapy assistants have to follow different instructions of the physical therapist and act accordingly. Among other things, physical therapy assistants help the senior therapist to treat patients for conditions including injuries of neck and back, sprains or fractures, multiple sclerosis, sports injuries, amputations, arthritis, birth defects, stroke and other conditions. The physical therapy assistant is in charge of collecting information related to the patient's condition before, during and after the physical therapy treatment.<br /><br />Physical therapy is one of the fastest growing and increasingly popular fields in the healthcare industry. Physical therapy employs the use of physical exercises to help the patients become stronger, be able to move their body parts freely and use devices and aids to help them in their daily functions. <br /><br />Physical therapy patients who are disabled face problems in doing daily chores properly and could use some help and training in adapting to their condition and continuing their regular lives. A physical therapy aide helps the senior therapist in the treatment by prepping the treatment area and managing clerical tasks to reduce the burden on the physical therapist.<br /><br /><a href=''>Physical therapy assistants</a> and aides have a lot of opportunities for employment across the world. Recent breakthroughs in science and medicine have increased the average age of people. As people get older, they will increasingly require help and support from healthcare professionals like physical therapy assistants. The changing demographics and lifestyles mean that the demand for physical therapy assistants is only likely to grow with time.<br /><br />The physical therapist might use different treatments for different patients and depending on the treatment being used, the <em>physical therapy assistant</em> would be required to perform different tasks. A particular patient might need to perform physical exercises or undergo muscle manipulation or hydrotherapy to regain normal body movement for which the assistant will have to help the senior therapist during the course of the treatment. <br /><br />The senior therapist guides the <u>physical therapy assistant</u> along the best course of action to be taken while helping the patient. Physical therapy assistants commonly perform clerical tasks in the office like filling up paperwork for patients, taking calls on behalf of the physical therapist and setting up appointments. The variety in tasks means that physical therapy assistants must be good at a number of tasks other than the ones directly related to therapy.<br /><br />There are a lot of helpful physical therapy assistant schools which can help you start your career as a physical therapy assistant.

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