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The housing for my Kodi Media Center, based on a Raspberry Pi 3B+, with an LCD display, two external USB ports, an HDMI port, WiFi and Ethernet network connections, and room for 4 hard drives.

 Kodi 1  Kodi 2  Kodi 3

 Kodi 4  Kodi 5  Kodi 6

A Back to the Future clock, based on a Raspberry Pi Zero, programmed in Python, with plenty of other functions: stopwatch, world clock, weather forecast, music player, Internet radio streamer, time to a deadline, alarm, timer, chess clock…

 BTTF Clock

Drawers for drill bits, screws and miscellanea

 Drawers 1  Drawers 2  Drawers 3

 Drawers 4  Drawers 5  Drawers 6

A retro arcade game, with a Raspberry Pi

 Retro Arcade  Retro Arcade  Retro Arcade

A chess set in real wood, not MDF

 Chess set  Chess set  Chess set

A makeup brush storage box

 Makeup brush 1  Makeup brush 2  Makeup brush 3

A pencil box

 Pencil box

Another pencil box

 Another pencil box  Another pencil box

Input/output trays for my wife's office

 Paper trays

A rotating tool holder

 Tool holder

A magnetic board

 Magnetic board

A box for Nespresso coffee capsules

 Coffee capsule box  Coffee capsule box

A shadow box for my past conference badges, event tickets and more. So sorry I threw out my oldest badges.

 Shadow box

A tool chest for my bonsai stuff, plus a drawer and a cart to move everything around (redesigned and adapted from this project)

 TC01  TC02  TC03

 TC04  TC05  TC06

 TC07  TC08  TC09

A panel behind sliding doors for my daughter's accessories

 P01  P02  P03

A padded headboard panel for our bed. Notice the lining in the light switches.

 H01  H02  H03

A custom box for my son's Caverna board game (inspired and redesigned after this kit, built using 3mm MDF)

 H01  H02  C03

 C04  C05

A scrap cart

 Scrap cart

My tool closet (redesigned from this project)

 Tool closet closed  Tool closet external doors  Tool closet internal doors

 In place and occupied

The Cube: a Rubik's Cube small chest of drawers, made with MDF (see the original idea here)

 Cube09  Cube05  Cube07

 Cube08  Cube04  Cube15

 Cube11  Cube13  Cube12

An orange trash bin, made from scraps out of the tool closet project to fit my daughter's specifications.

 Trash bin

My compact table saw, acquired in April 2014; in the back, our homemade air compressor

 DeWalt DW745

Building a router table: top, with tracks for clamping and for a fence

 Router table top

Router table: insert plate

 Insert plate

Router table: the router, el cheapo (by Brazilian standards) “Goodyear”, now replaced with a much better Craftsman one

 The router

Router table: the fence from behind, with a vacuum cleaner port

 Fence back view

Router table: a foldable base

 Open base

 Closing base

 Closed base

Router table: finished (“slight” routing mistake in the right movable fence front)

 Router table finished

 Router table finished

A charging station for the phones and tablets at home

 Charging station

 Charging station

A bread cutter (or miter box)

 Bread cutter

 Bread cutter

Panels for our guestroom, backlighted by LED strips

 Backing panels

A LCD TV panel

 TV panel

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