SDL is a programming language extensively used in the telecommunications domain, but also used in the design of real-time, distributed systems that are event oriented. It combines a formal syntax with a graphical representation, allowing a design to be specified with a high level of abstraction, from conceptual level to final implementation.

JADE is an integrated environment targetted towards specification, analysis, design, verification and validation of SDL descriptions. JADE is plataform (written in Java) and language independent (currently we support Portuguese and English languages). The tool can be considered a framework where other tools being developed in the Computer Engineering Laboratory will soon be hooked up to the language environment, thus enabling full integration even with commercial tools.

Other tools that we are currently developing for JADE are software code generation and optimizer for the uC/OS Operating System, a hardware generation for VHDL, and a SDL code analyzer. There are plans to generate code for pSOS+ and POSIX UNIX as well in the near future.

Below we present some pictures of the JADE environment.

JADE running on Solaris




JADE running on Windows

JADE is currently freely distributed for personal use. It can be obtained by following the copyright link. If you want to license JADE for commercial use or in source code, please contact Prof. Claudionor Coelho at

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