Project: Internet Topology Mapping -- DCC/UFMG

Internet failures and performance problems cause significant financial losses and frustrate millions of users.
In this project, we develop new algorithms, protocols, and mechanisms to map the topology of the Internet.
We focus on reducing topology measurement probing costs and researching new probe types to collect richer information
about the network. Our goal is to provide accurate and up-to-date topology information to ease network troubleshooting tasks,
reducing the impact of Internet disruptions, cutting financial losses, improving quality of service, and ultimately
allowing the deployment of novel and mission-critical applications.

Publication's Data Sets

"Efficient Remapping of Internet Routing Events" Data Set

This page describes the data set used in the extended abstract:

Efficient Remapping of Internet Routing Events
Elverton Fazzion, Ítalo Cunha, Dorgival Guedes, Wagner Meira Jr.,
Renata Teixeira, Darryl Veitch and Christophe Diot

In SIGCOMM poster session '16
Florianópolis, Brazil, 2016.
[PDF soon available]

Brief Explanation

This data set contains one-day paris-traceroute measurements on one
planetlab node ( The data set is divided in two main
files. The file "paths.node.txt" contains the paris-traceroute
measurements and its fields are explained in "header_paths.txt". The
file "events.node.txt" contains the routing events measured
and its fields are explained in "header_events.txt".


The list of 12,763 destinations from which monitors choose
1000 at random to probe.
Download: destinations.txt.gz

The list of 79 PlanetLab nodes used in the paper.
Download: plnodes.txt.gz

One-day routing events on node.

One-day paris-traceroute paths on node.

Explains the "paths.node.txt" fields.
Download: header_paths.txt.gz

Explains the events.node.txt" fields.
Download: header_events.txt.gz