Static Program Analysis - DCC888

The goal of this class is to introduce the student to the most recent techniques that compilers use to analyze and optimize programs. The student will learn about dataflow and constraint based program analyses. He or she will have contact with type systems, and the many variants of inductive techniques to prove properties about programs. The class contains a number of expositive lectures, and some paper discussion. During the discussions, the students will have the opportunity to get in touch with state-of-the-art techniques published in top conferences in the field of programming languages. The class also features three project assignment, which will give the student the opportunity to use llvm, a industrial quality compiler, and twelf, a theorem prover. If you take the course, please, don't forget to provide the instructor with some feedback.

  • The course bibliography.

  • The syllabus adopted in this course.

  • The grading policy.

  • About the paper discussion sections.

  • The Project Assignment.

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  • Code: DCC 888/831/030
    Department: Computer Science
    Term: 2022/1
    Time: Tuesday/Thursday, 7pm-8:40pm
    First day: Tuesday, Mar 29th
    Room number: ICEx 2010
    Discussion list: dcc888 at googlegroups ...