Flávio Coutinho

Projeto The Belesminha

A Belesminha


The Belesminha is a system created for the purpose of contributing to the learning of the concepts of recursion in algorithms disciplines. The player is placed in charge of a friendly little slug he must conduct one course at each level. At each level of the game, Belesminha must collect leaves to save in its home. It is up to the player to give instructions her instructions and help her with the ​task. When all the leaves are gathered and the slug stops, the next level is reached, bringing a new challenge.


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10.07.11 - Game accessibility


These slides were presented by me at PUC Minas XI SEJA on October 07, 2011. I presented about how different game experience can be under different accessibility circumstances and what can be done if one wishes to contribute to this great topic. Worth reading ;)

Download at Slideshare