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September 19th

Speaker: Dave Morris

Affiliation: University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Title: Automorphisms of direct products of some circulant graphs

Abstract: The direct product of two graphs X and Y is denoted X x Y. Its automorphism group contains a copy of the direct product of Aut(X) and Aut(Y), but it is not known when this inclusion is an equality, even for the special case where X is a circulant graph and Y = K_2 is a connected graph with only 2 vertices. Joint work with Ademir Hujdurović and Đorđe Mitrović sheds some light on this special case, including a complete answer when the valency of X is less than 8.

October 3rd

Speaker: Nathan Lindzey

October 10th

No seminar: Happy Thanksgiving!

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