Weichen Xie

Affiliation: Clarkson University, New York, USA

Title:  Of Shadows and Gaps in Spatial Search

Abstract: Spatial search occurs in a connected graph if a continuous-time quantum walk on the adjacency matrix of the graph, suitably scaled, plus a rank-one perturbation induced by any vertex will unitarily map the principal eigenvector of the graph to the characteristic vector of the vertex. This phenomenon is a natural continuous-time analogue of Grover search. The spatial search is said to be optimal if it occurs with constant fidelity and in time inversely proportional to the shadow of the target vertex on the principal eigenvector. Extending a result of Chakraborty et al. (Physical Review A, 102:032214, 2020), we prove a simpler characterization of optimal spatial search. Based on this characterization, we observe that some families of distance-regular graphs, such as Hamming and Grassmann graphs, have optimal spatial search.

You can watch the talk here, the slides are availablle here.

This talk was given on May 2nd, 2022