1. Max Levit – A covering graph perspective on Huang’s theorem

2. Sebi Cioaba – On the flip graph on perfect matchings of complete graphs and sign reversal graphs

3. Karen Meagher – Group Theory and the Erd\H{o}s-Ko-Rado (EKR) Theorem

4. Chris Godsil – Continuous Quantum Walks on Graphs

5. Harmony Zhan – Factoring discrete quantum walks into continuous quantum walks

6. David Roberson – What do graph planarity and homomorphism counts have to do with quantum mechanics?

7. Gabriel Coutinho – State transfer and the size of the graph

8. Bobae Johnson, August Liu, Malena Schmidt & Neo Yin – Laplacian Quantum Fractional Revival On Graphs

9. William J. Martin – Scaffolds

10. Eric Moorhouse – Projective Planes, Finite and Infinite

11. Mahsa Shirazi – Extensions of the Erdős-Ko-Rado theorem to 2-intersecting perfect matchings

11.Sarobidy Razafimahatratra –  EKR-type theorems for groups

12. Paul Terwilliger – Leonard pairs, spin models, and distance-regular graphs

13. Soffia Arnadottir – Strongly cospectral vertices, Cayley graphs and other things

14. Brendan Rooney – Efficient (j,k)-Domination

15. Christopher van Bommel – Pretty Good State Transfer and Minimal Polynomials

16. Ferdinand Ihringer – Pseuodrandom Cliquefree Graphs, Finite Geometry, and Spectra

17. Sabrina Lato & Christino Tamon – Monogamy Violations in Perfect State Transfer

18. Hajime Tanaka – Scaling limits for the Gibbs states on distance-regular graphs with classical parameters

19. Xiaohong Zhang – Fractional revival on graphs

20. Nathan Lindzey – Complexity Measures on the Symmetric Group and Beyond

21. Krystal Guo – Simple eigenvalues of graph

22. Shahla Nasserasr – Distinct eigenvalues and sensitivity

23. Cheryl Praeger – Finite edge-transitive Cayley graphs, quotient graphs and Frattini groups

24. Ada Chan –  Complex Hadamard diagonalizable graphs

25. Whitney Drazen – K-fractional revival and approximate K-fractional revival on path graphs

26. Shaun Fallat – Various Maximum Nullities Associated with a Graph

27. Chris Godsil – The Matching Polynomial

28. Sjanne Zeijlemaker – Optimization of eigenvalue bounds for the independence and chromatic number of graph powers

29. Mark Kempton – Cospectral Vertices and Isospectral Reductions

30. Gordon Royle – Real Chromatic Roots of Graphs

31. Hamed Karami – Perfect Colorings of the Generalized Petersen Graph

32. Joy Morris – Lexicographic products, wreath products, and generalisations

33. Willem H. Haemers – The chromatic index of strongly regular graphs

34. Sarah Plosker – Centrosymmetric Stochastic Matrices

35. Gabriel Coutinho – Why are Hoffman’s bounds for alpha and chi truly duals of each other?

36. Karen Yeats – Feynman integrals as algebraic graph theory

37. Julien Sorci – Quantum walks on Cayley graphs

38. Sabrina Lato – A Spectral Moore Bound for Bipartite Semiregular Graphs

39. Mariia Sobchuk –  Quantum independence number

40. Bojan Mohar – Minimum eigenvalue of nonbipartite graphs

41. Jo Ellis-Monaghan – An algebraic framework for twualities of embedded graphs

42. Dheer Noal Desai – The spectral radius of graphs with no odd wheels

43. Janoš Vidali – Computing distance-regular graph and association scheme parameters in SageMath with sage-drg

44. Paula Kimmerling – Average Mixing Matrices of Trees and Stars

45. Steve Kirkland – State transfer for paths with weighted loops at the end vertices

46. Lord Kavi – The k-Independence Number

47. Gabor Lippner – Asymptotic quantum state transfer using two loops with large weights

48. Mike Tait – Two conjectures on the spread of graphs

49. Thomas Wong – Equivalent Laplacian and Adjacency Quantum Walks on Irregular Graphs

50. Harmony Zhan – The average search probability in a quantum walk with an oracle

51. Judi McDonald – Skew Adjacency Matrices:  The Number of Characteristic polynomials of Skew Cacti

52. Lavanya Selvaganesh – Spectral Properties of the eccentricity matrix for special classes of graphs

53. Chris Godsil – Tails and Chains

54. Kate Lorenzen – Spectral Properties of the exponential distance matrix

55. Thomas Spier – Graph Continued Fractions

56. Miguel Angel Fiol Mora – Four families of polynomials in spectral graph theory

57. Emanuel Silva – Strongly Cospectral Vertices in Trees

58. Hermie Monterde – Minimum eigenvalue of nonbipartite graphs

59. Allen Herman – The results of a search for small association schemes with noncyclotomic eigenvalues

60. Sooyeong Kim – Equidistant switched hypercubes: their properties and sensitivity analysis under PST

61. Tina Chen – Bipartite walks on t-designs

62. Emily King –  Switching Equivalence on the Grassmannian

63. Peter Dukes – Fractional decompositions and Latin square completion

64. Cristina Dalfó – On the Laplacian spectra of token graphs

65. Logan Crew – A New Graph Polynomial from the Chromatic Symmetric Function

66. Aleksandar Jurisic – Antipodal distance-regular graphs of diameter 3 and regular spreads of generalized quadrangles

67. Emanuel Juliano – Quantum walks do not like bridges

68. Chris Godsil – Laplacian states

69. Erika Pirnes – Minimal relations for an algebra inspired by algebraic graph theory

70. Steve Butler – Hadamard diagonalizable graphs of small order

71. Gabriel Coutinho – Optimizing sums of eigenvalues

72. Christino Tamon – On reverse mixing in quantum walks

73. Bill Martin – Polynomial ideals, association schemes, and the $Q$-polynomial property

74. Leslie Hogben – Extreme values of parameters related to zero forcing, propagation time, and throttling

75. Sebi Cioaba – Decomposing graphs and hypergraphs into complete bipartite subgraphs

76. Xiaohong Zhang – Oriented Cayley Graphs with all eigenvalues being integer multiples of $\sqrt{\Delta}$

78. Victor Wang – Deletion-contraction for a unified Laplacian and applications

79. Mahsa N. Shirazi – On the eigenvalues of the perfect matching derangement graph

80. Weichen Xie – Of Shadows and Gaps in Spatial Search

81. Péter Pál Pach – Polynomials, rank and cap sets

82. Aniruddha Samanta – An overview of complex unit gain graphs and their spectra

83. Alison Marr – Distance magic labellings on directed graphs

84. Gary Greaves – Maximal cliques in strongly regular graphs

85. Sam Mattheus – Erdős-Ko-Rado results for flags in spherical buildings

86. Karen Meagher – A Brief Introduction to World of Erd\H{o}s-Ko-Rado Theorems

87. Dheer Noal – Spectral Turan Problems on trees and even cycles

88. Thomas Spier – Strong Cospectrality in Trees

89. Sabrina Lato – New Characterizations of Distance-Biregular Graphs

90. Catherine Babecki – Graphical Designs and Gale Duality 

91. Yufei Zhao – Equiangular lines and eigenvalue multiplicities

92. Qianqian Yang – On sesqui-regular graphs with fixed smallest eigenvalue

93. Igor Araujo – Essential Covers of the Cube by Hyperplanes

94. Dave Morris – Automorphisms of direct products of some circulant graphs

95. Nathan Lindzey – Jack Derangements

96. Harmony Zhan – An introduction to discrete quantum walks

97. Guillermo Nunez Ponasso – Hadamard’s Maximal Determinant Problem and Generalisations

98. Ingemar Bengtsson – Equiangular lines and algebraic number theory

99. Soffía Árnadóttir – Cayley graphs, association schemes and state transfer

100. Paul Horn – Graphs, curvature, and local discrepancy