Sebastian Cioaba

Affiliation: University of Delaware, Delaware, USA

Title: Decomposing graphs and hypergraphs into complete bipartite subgraphs

Abstract: The problem of decomposing (partitioning or covering) graphs into complete bipartite subgraphs (bicliques) has a long history. In this talk, I will describe the basic results including the use of spectral methods, the extension of the problem to hypergraphs and present some of the open problems in this area.

You can watch the talk here, and the slides are available here.

This talk was given on March 21st, 2021

Title: On the flip graph on perfect matchings of complete graphs and sign reversal graphs

Abstract: In this talk, we study the flip graph on the perfect matchings of a complete graph of even order. We investigate its combinatorial and spectral properties including connections to the signed reversal graph and we improve a previous upper bound on its chromatic number. This talk is based on the paper

You can watch the talk here.

This talk was given on July 13th, 2020