Quantum Information Theory

Course offered at UFMG in 2020/1

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Instructor: Gabriel Coutinho

Plan for the remote regime (read it!)

Course notes:

Lecture notes (corresponding to the first 4 lectures).

Course book (to be posted before August 4th).


Assignment 1 (due March 11th, 23h59).
I would like your answer typed in in Latex. In case you have never used Latex before, Overleaf is a great way to start. I am also making the .tex file I used to create this assignment pdf available.


Starting from the next assignment, there will be two parts: you will be required to write a short explanation of the week’s topic, following some guidelines posted in the assignment statement. Then, there will be a set of questions for you to answer. You should submit only one pdf file containing both parts. Each assignment will be posted in this page no later than Tuesday 1 week before the due date, at 1pm.

During the lectures, I will be basically available to answer questions or help you understand the week’s topic or questions.

You must use Latex. Also, keep submitting your assignments to moc.liamgnull@gmfu030ccd.

Assignment 2 (due August 18th, 23h59) — note: this due date has been extraordinarily extended for one week to conform to the PROGRAD rules about evaluations in the adaptation period for the remote regime. I strongly recommend you to submit it by August 11th, though.

Assignment 3 (due August 18th, 23h59)

Assignment 4 (due August 25th, 23h59)

Assignment 5 (due September 1st, 23h59)

Assignment 6 (due September 8th, 23h59)

Assignment 7 (due September 15th, 23h59)

Assignment 8 (due September 29th, 23h59)

Assignment 9 (due October 6th, 23h59)

Assignment 10 (due October 13th, 23h59)

Assignment 11 (due October 20th, 23h59)

Assignment 12 (due November 2nd, 23h59)