Gisele L. Pappa

Galapos is a tool for visualizing genetic programming algorithms evolution over time.

It won the 1st Competition of "Visualizing Evolution" @ GECCO 2011 , and is still under development on a project with the same name. The name was inspired in the Galapagos Islands, first visited by Chales Darwin in his trip with Beagle. Darwin´s observations and collections in the island contributed greatly to the inception of Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection.

Galapagos is an open-souce tool developed by the Evolutionary Computation team at UFMG. The main contributors of the project are Gustavo Brunoro, João Palotti, Raquel Melo Minardi and Gisele L. Pappa.

For more information on Galapagos, to download the tool or contribute with its source code, visit the Galapagos official website.

Want to join the project? Contact us: [glpappa at dcc dot ufmg dot br]