Awards and honors

  • Best thesis in Computer Science, and finalist of the Prix de Thèse Paris Tech, 2011.
    My PhD dissertation, Formal approaches to information hiding: An analysis of interactive systems, statistical disclosure control, and refinement of specifications (availlable here) was a finalist of the Prix de Thèse ParisTech 2011, granted by the Paris Institute of Technology (ParisTech), representing the best thesis in Computer Science among the 632 thesis defended that year of 2011 in 12 of the most prestigious Grande Écoles in France.
  • First place in CEFET-MG’s XVIII META competition, 2000.
    While obtaining my technical high-school degree in Industrial Informatics from CEFET-MG, my team of students developed the first point-to-point information system for public transportation in Minas Gerais, the system BHBUSca, for which we receive the first prize in the XVIII Mostra Específica de Trabalhos e Aplicações (META).