FAQ about research & science


Question: Mário, is there an easy introduction to the kind of research you do?

Answer: If you speak Portuguese, you can watch a general presentation of my work on foundations of security and privacy here  [Part 1/2] [Part 2/2].

This is not all that I do, though. Take a look at my list of publications to see more.

Question: I am interested in participating in one of your scientific projects, at either undergraduate or graduate level. What should I do to get more information about that?

Answer: If you are interested in working in one of my scientific projects me, please send me an e-mail and we can set a time discuss the matter.

General questions about science

Question: How does homeopathy work?

Answer: It doesn’t.

QuestionI’m a Scorpio and my partner is a Pisces. What does that mean for our relationship?

Answer: Nothing. Astrology is baloney.

Question: Is climate change a hoax? Do vaccines cause autism? Is Earth flat?

Answer: Well, those are actually three different questions. But the answer to them is “no”, “no”, and “no”.

Question: How can you be so certain about such “controversial” subjects?

Answer: All hypotheses above have been refuted over and over using the scientific method. And the scientific method is the most powerful, reliable way of finding out the truth that humankind has ever developed. Indeed, there is broad consensus about all these matters you mentioned in your previous questions; the “controversy” comes mostly from outside the scientific community.