MSc Computer Science student at the Federal University of Minas Gerais, with strong interests concerning compilers and static analysis, programming languages and algorithms.


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Taskminer: Identificação Automática de Tarefas. - RAMOS, P., MENDONCA, G., LEOBAS, G. and M. Q. PEREIRA, F. In proceedings of the Brazilian Symposium of Programming Languages (SBLP). July, 2018.
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Pointer disambiguation via strict inequalities. - MAALEJ, M., GONNORD, L., PEREIRA, F., PAISANTE, V. and RAMOS, P. In proceedings of Code Generation and Optimisation (CGO). February, 2017.
Brazilian news: an analysis on the polarity within the headlines - RAMOS, P., REIS, J., BENEVENUTO, F. In Proceedings of the Brazilian Workshop on Social Network Analysis and Mining (BraSNAM). Porto Alegre, Brazil. July, 2016.


Research Assistant

2016 - Today
Compilers Laboratory - UFMG

Topic: Automatic Parallelization of Code

Research Intern at the Compilers Lab in UFMG. Worked with automatic parallelization of code, specifically focused on task parallelism. Developed TaskMiner, a tool which looks for opportunities of task parallelism in programs written in C/C++, and when it finds it, it annotates it with OpenMP task-parallelism directives. Taskminer resolves memory dependencies between tasks, concurrency and other typical problems that arise in Task Parallelism such as profitability of tasks and excess of tasks in the pool.

Software Engineering Intern

2015 (6 months)
Synergia - Engenharia de Softwares e Sistemas

Worked on the development of a mining control software in Java for the large miner Vale. Utilized frameworks such as Hibernate, Vaadin, JUnit, Cucumber. Improved greatly on software engineering skills as well as on the Agile methodoly, working with pair programming, XP, Test Driven Development and other agile practices.

Software Engineering Intern

2014 - 2015
Joao Pinheiro Foundation (FJP)

Worked on the development of a budget and finances controlling software for the Foundation. Developed skills on PHP and the framework Yii.

Languages Tutor

2011 - 2014
TFLA Languages

Part-time job during the beginning of the university studies. I was an English tutor for 3 and a half years.


Programing Languages

C, C++

Java, Python, C#

Bash, PHP

AngularJS, HTML, CSS


LLVM and Static Analysis

Algorithms and Computer Science Theory

Agile: XP, TDD, Scrum

Machine Learning (Neural Networks) and Natural Computing