I am always keen to supervise highly motivated students in the broad area of information retrieval. Feel free to contact me about current opportunities and to discuss topics of mutual interest.

Current students

PhD students

  • Alberto Hideki Ueda
    Clinical decision support
  • Bruno Laporais Pereira
    Off-policy learning for recommendation
  • Rafael Glater da Cruz Machado
    Open-domain question answering

MSc students

  • Breno de Sousa Matos
    Fairness-aware ranking
  • Elves Mateus Rodrigues
    Reputation-aware academic search
  • Gabriel de Azevedo Cardoso
    Efficient nearest neighbor search
  • Jair Gomes Soares Júnior
    Structured neural ranking
  • Matheus Felipe Eduardo Barbosa
    Fashion recommendation
  • Regis Nogueira Fontes
    Automatic playlist continuation
  • Rennan Cordeiro Lima
    Long document semantic representation

Former students

PhD students

MSc students