Erickson R. Nascimento

Department of Computer Science at Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), Brazil
Member of the Computer Vision and Robotics (VeRLab) research group

Supported by a CNPq research fellowship
CV Lattes (in Portuguese)

[NEW] Paper accepted to CVPR 2018 - A Weighted Sparse Sampling and Smoothing Frame Transition Approach for Semantic Fast-Forward First-Person Videos: Visit the project page for more information

[NEW] Paper accepted to CVPR 2018 Sight and Sound Workshop - Fast forwarding Egocentric Videos by Listening and Watching

Guest Editor of the Special Issue on Feature representations for medical images and activity understanding - Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representationa (JVCI)

Program Co-chair of the SIBGRAPI 2017, member of the program committee for IJCAI 2017, International Workshop of Egocentric Perception, Interaction and Computing at ICCV 2017, AAAI 2018, IROS 2018, and SIBRAPI 2018, Publication chair of the ICAR 2019.

Research areas

  • Egocentric videos
  • 3D Reconstruction and Modeling
  • Scene and Object Recognition
  • Participating Media
  • Image and Geometrical Descriptors

How to find me

  • erickson [at] dcc [dot] ufmg [dot] br
  • Room 6308, DCC - ICEx - UFMG
  • Phone (+55 31) 3409-7597
VeRLab Department of Computer Science Federal University of Minas Gerais