Here are some course notes I have written over the years.

Teoria dos Grafos (UFMG 2021-)
(mainly based on Diestel's and Bondy and Murty's)

Graph Spectra and Quantum Walks (UFMG 2021-)
(co-authored with Chris Godsil)

Topological Methods in Combinatorics and Game Theory (UFMG 2020)
(based on Penny Haxell's notes)

Semidefinite programming (UFMG 2019)
(based on Marcel Silva's notes)

Algebraic Combinatorics (UFMG 2019)

Pesquisa Operacional (UFMG 2017-)
(co-authored with Cristiano Arbex)

Cálculo 3 (UFPE 2010)

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